Organizational Sign-on Letter: Oppose Senate Bill 1460, The Energy and Natural Resources Act of 2017:

After killing off the misnamed Energy Modernization Act in the last Congress, this new reincarnation (S. 1460, the Energy and Natural Resources Act of 2017) would be a disaster for our planet by locking us in to a fossil fuel future for decades to come.


The bill would:

speed approval of exports of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

give FERC even more authority over decisions about pipelines for natural gas

authorize millions of dollars for research into recovering methane hydrates, a dangerous new source of methane trapped under the ocean floor.


What’s even more astounding is that the bill’s “Renewables” subtitle ignores solar and wind. They aren’t even mentioned!


We don’t have much time to stop this bill – we’re anticipating a vote as soon as the Senate is back next week. Here’s how you can help:


-- Sign your organization on to the letter to the Senate:


-- Send an email alert to your members this week to oppose the bill. Here is a sample action we sent out. If you want to see a sample email, let me know and I can send that as well.


-- I’m also attaching a letter opposing the bill that you can leave behind at Senate offices.


If you’re interested in doing more to stop this terrible bill that will lock us into decades of fossil fuel dependence, please reply to and let us know.




Katy Kiefer

Distributed Organizing Director

Food & Water Watch/

Food & Water Action Fund



Nisha Swinton, Senior Organizer

Jen Siskind, Local Coordinator



Hello Neighbor,


164 registered New Milford voters signed the petition to Ban Fracking Waste from polluting our town.


  Your signature and the petition was Step 1.


Step 2: Your signature enables New Milford residents to ask the Mayor and the Town Council to either pass this ordinance, or send it to a town vote. The proposition comes before the Town Council at a meeting Monday, July 10th at 7:00pm at Town Hall.


Why Attend: The only current way to protect our community is to pass a local law banning this toxic radioactive fracking waste from entering our town. Twenty Connecticut towns have already passed a ban because the chemicals and radioactivity in fracking waste are known to cause breast cancer, bone cancer, liver cancer, lymphoma and leukemia, multiple organ damage, neurological and developmental problems and birth defects.


Please mark your calendar and ask friends and family to attend with you. A large turnout is needed to ensure council members pass this ordinance.


We look forward to seeing you Monday, July 10th.





Helen Applebaum

The Committee to Ban Fracking Waste from New Milford

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